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Photocopying and Printing

Once you purchase music, Yes - YOU (or your institution) may copy as needed for your ensemble, including making "rehearsal" copies; likewise, you may print as many times as needed from licensed PDFs for your own needs. You may never sell, distribute or lend any music to any other person, organization, or ensemble. Like all copyright, you do not "own" the music.

You May Not:
Resell or loan music to any other person, institution or ensemble.
Scan or make digital copies of printed music.
Store, archive or otherwise make digital music available in any electronic retrieval system.
Store in a central library for use by multiple schools or institutions.
Upload or post files on any website, shared internet folder or service.

Feel free to contact us with questions or for clarification.
Your respect of the copyright laws helps support the composers and arrangers who created these works.



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