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Our Composers and Arrangers

Individual bios and photos may be reproduced for concert programs and publicity purposes only. You may also Contact Us to request individual bios e-mailed as PDFs. You may also link directly to the bios on our website.

The terms Composer and Arranger listed here reflect each person's contribution to our catalog, not their entire work.
BELISLE, Jim - Arranger  (US) partner since Feb 2012

BERDOS, Thomas - Composer & Arranger  (US) partner since Feb 2010

CANO, Carlos Perón - Composer  (ES/SP) partner since July 2012

CAPODAGLIO, Leonello - Composer  (IT) partner since May 2012

CHOI, Chung Wan - Composer  (HK) partner since Nov 2011

CONNOR, Catherine - Composer  (AU) partner since July 2010

COOK, Ian - Composer  (US) partner since July 2012

COX, Richard H. - Composer  (US) partner since 

DITTMER, Robert - Composer  (US) partner since Jan 2012

DURRANT, Matthew - Composer  (US) partner since June 2013

HAGEN, Barbara - Composer  (US) partner since June 2012

HARRINGTON, Edward - Composer  (US) partner since July 2012

HAYNOR, James - Arranger  (US) partner since Feb 2010

HEDGES, Anthony - Composer  (UK) partner since Feb 2012

HELLER, Carole - Composer & Arranger  (US) partner since April 2010

JOHANSEN-WERNER, Bonnie - Composer  (US) partner since June 2011

JONES, Daniel - Composer & Arranger  (US) partner since June 2012

KILLIAN, Lawrence - Arranger  (UK) partner since Nov 2011

KRESGE, Jeffrey - Arranger  (US) partner since July 2011

LA FRATTA, Mark - Arranger  (US) partner since March 2012

LLOYD, Darren - Composer  (UK) partner since March 2012

MATHIE, David - Composer  (US) partner since Aug 2013

MOLINEUX, Allen - Composer  (US) partner since July 2016

MONTREUIL, Dave - Composer  (CA) partner since March 2012

MUHSIN, Muhammad - Composer  (SG) partner since Jan 2010

OLSON, Carol - Composer & Arranger  (US) partner since Nov 2011

PAUL, R. Kevin - Composer & Arranger  (US)

PETERMAN, Steve - Arranger  (US) partner since June 2009

PHILIPP, Nathan - Arranger  (US) partner since July 2011

RICE, Philip - Composer  (US) partner since March 2008

RILEY, Kevin - Composer & Arranger  (UK) partner since Aug 2010

RING, Gordon - Composer  (US) partner since Jan 2012

ROSOCHACKI, Joseph - Composer  (US) partner since August 2011

SALERNO, Christopher - Arranger  (US) partner since Sep 2010

STROHM, Pete - Arranger  (US) partner since April 2012

VINING, David - Composer  (US) partner since March 2012

WALKER, Abraham Zalman - Arranger  (US) partner since July 2012

WALL, Robert - Composer & Arranger  (US) partner since Dec 2011

WRIGHT, Justin - Composer  (US) partner since June 2011

YOUNG, Ken - Arranger  (US) partner since July 2010

ZIMMER, Mark - Composer  (US) partner since March 2012

ZUMBRUNNEN, Liza - Arranger  (US) partner since April 2012



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