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E-Delivery License Agreement

E-Delivery License Agreement For PDF Music Files
You must read and accept these terms and conditions for e-delivery of PDF Music Files.

• Print and copy as needed for your own personal/ensemble/institution's use, including making “rehearsal” copies. The printed copies of the music must be unaltered and include the copyright notice on the title page of every part and score.
• Store the printed copies in your own personal/organization/institution's music library.
• Store the electronic file on your personal computer and/or privately-assigned work computer.
• Make one backup copy to disc.

• Share, transfer or distribute the electronic file(s), or printed copies of the files, to anyone, organization or other ensemble; i.e. anything that would prevent someone else from purchasing their own copy.
• Sub-license, lease, lend, sell, rent or grant others any rights, or provide copies to others.
• Electronically transfer, by email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), file sharing on a central computer network or any new file transfer technology yet to be discovered, an electronic copy of the licensed PDF music file.
• Share the electronic file, or printed copies of the file, in a central library for use by multiple schools or institutions.
• Make alterations or modifications to the PDFs.
• Utilize the musical content for different purposes, such as creating derivative works.

These music files are delivered in high-resolution PDF (Portable Document Format), invented by Adobe® Systems. PDF files, which look exactly like the original document, are viewable and printable on virtually any computing platform, including Windows®, Mac® OS, UNIX® and mobile platforms such as Android™ and Apple® iOS™. The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is available as a free download at:

After your order is complete, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to immediately download your PDF(s). Replacement links will only be sent to the e-mail address on file with the order.

Obviously, you will need to print these files at home or at work on your own printer, so the quality of the printed music will only be as good as your printer. All of our PDFs are prepared with high resolution settings, and high resolution printing enabled. There are no refunds if the electronic files do not display correctly on your computer and/or print correctly on your printer, so please make sure you have the ability to read and print PDF files. We recommend that you print the E-License PDF below as a test if you are unsure. We will work with you to help solve any printing problems you encounter.

 Click Here to Download A Copy of the E-Delivery License Agreement (PDF)



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