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Custom Arrangements

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a custom arrangement:

  • of (almost) any music in the public domain
  • of copyrighted works in which we can obtain permission to arrange
  • for any combination of brass instruments
  • for different levels of playing difficulty, including: simplified rhythms, change of key signature, and reduced (or increased) instrument ranges

"Greetings from a grateful customer! I had a wonderful experience with Waterton Brass Music! I was looking for arrangements which would have an unusual combination of instruments, and I left a note at Waterton website. I received a prompt reply from Mr. Paul, and not only he found a suitable arrangement, but he was able to write two brand new arrangements for my concert! I had two new pieces within a week, and the price was sweet as well. The process of paying and transmitting music was easy and quick. I will definitely come back to Waterton Music for more! Thank you very much." - Marina Liadova (Minnesota)

In some cases, an effective arrangement may not be possible and we evaluate each request for adaptability. The following are some examples of music that could be arranged/transcribed for brass ensemble:

  • Keyboard music
  • Vocal music
  • Orchestral music
  • Hymns
  • Folk songs
  • Almost anything

We do not infringe on the copyright of others. If the work is modern, it is copyrighted and we have to receive permission from the copyright holder. Some examples include:

  • Pop music
  • Movie music
  • Television music
  • Modern classical or jazz (published after 1923)
  • Computer game music
  • Modern Theater or Dramatic music

Communicating with large publishing firms usually takes several weeks, sometimes months; and permission/license to arrange is never guaranteed. License fees also differ from publisher to publisher, and are beyond our control.

We will treat your project as a "NOT-for-hire" commissioned work, and you will pay a flat fee for the complete score and parts. In addition, you may be asked to pay a small portion of the licensing fee, if applicable (only with copyrighted works).

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