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Alternate Versus Substitute Parts

We provide commonly-used alternate parts with each publication (eg. C & Bb Trumpets, Baritone T.C.) and substitute parts for larger instrumentations. If you need a substitute part not included, or a modified instrumentation for that matter, we are happy to consider requests and provide those at no additional cost (when musically possible). We even consider complete transposition requests.

parts are for the same (or very similar) instruments where a simple transposition is needed; e.g. a trumpet part written for either trumpet in C or B-flat (the same instrument, but in different key) or a trombone part written for Euphonium Treble Clef (a different but very similar instrument). Both sound practically indistinguishable (if you have a euphonium player who doesn't read treble clef, or your trumpet players prefer the sound and feel of their C Trumpet.)

SUBSTITUTE parts are for completely different instruments; e.g. a trombone part transposed for french horn (or vice versa) or a trumpet part transposed for french horn (or vice versa). Substitutions will have a very diffent sound and may not fit the substitute instrument's best range; but they provide flexibility that allows an ensemble to perform a work that may not meet their exact instrumentation.


Need a substitute part? Sometimes substitute parts are not possible for certain instruments because of range limitations. When musically possible, we will be happy to provide you with a substitute part at no additional cost, within a reasonable timeframe.



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